British Autograss Series Rules


BAS RULES 2024 –

1 Any reference to “BAS” or “the British Autograss Series” shall mean the series of race meetings and events for which points will be taken by “The British Series Limited”, who shall be referred to in the following rules as “The company.”

2 Any competitor who registers to take part in the BAS or who takes part in any race meeting that is part of the BAS and any club or league that undertakes to run an event as part of the BAS shall recognise the authority of The company in respect of all matters covered by these rules and anyother matter directly or indirectly affecting the BAS, its promotion, perpetuation and correct procedures. Competitors and clubs/leagues and officials should be aware that the terms “BAS” and “British Autograss Series” should only be used in a context that does not bring the BAS into disrepute or cause damage to the events in any way. If in doubt, permission for use of the terms mentioned above should be sought from The Company. The terms “BAS” and “British Autograss Series” may not be used in any commercial manner without the permission of The Company.

3 The Company acknowledges that the National Autograss Sport Association Ltd (NASA) has full authority in respect of all matters of discipline relating to the sport of Autograss. In addition, the Company has powers to deduct points, impose bans from events and exclude competitors from the BAS altogether in the event of breaches of BAS and/or NASA rules. The company also reserves the right to stop a driver from participating at any BAS round for a given period. Any BAS disciplinary action will be notified in writing within seven days of the decision.

4 Any disciplinary action can be the subject of appeal, with the exception of Rule 14. The driver will have 48 hours to submit their written appeal in detail. The appeal will be finalized within 7 days. All dates are from the date of the notice being served. The appeal will be heard by a panel of three, comprising two members of The company and a Drivers’ Rep. The appeal panel shall have the power to overturn the original decision or reduce the penalty, but also can uphold the decision and increase the penalty. The decision of the panel shall be final regarding all matters relevant to the BAS. Appeals must be in writing via email to

5 Only the results of the heats and finals as recorded by the organising clubs/leagues at each event shall be used to calculate the championship points for the BAS. Enquires about championship points should be made via email to no later than 7 days after the event at which they were awarded. Any driver who fails to sign-on by the end of day one to race on day two of a BAS meeting may miss day two. All non-BAS registered competitors must be signed on by close of signing on Saturday morning to race at any time over the weekend. BAS registered competitors may be able to sign on later at the discretion of the meeting Chairman and the BAS officials.

6 The championship will be run and points awarded for all Mens, Ladies and Juniors NASA recognised classes.

7 Only competitors who have completed the registration form and paid the registration fee in full (in advance of racing) will be eligible to score championship points. A driver can only be awarded points for a race number that is registered in the BAS to him/her and only if driving a car bearing that number. If a registered car is driven by a non-registered driver at anytime during an event no points will be awarded for any race during that round. A driver cannot score points for another driver or number in the BAS, notwithstanding that he/she may be registered in the BAS under their own number. A driver cannot score points for themselves or their number unless the car they drive bears that number. The best sixteen races from the five rounds of the BAS count towards the class championship. Any tie for first place for the class championship will be decided in favour of the competitor who has the highest score in any single event; if that does not resolve the tie, the second highest score will be counted, and so on, until the tie is broken. A competitor’s best total score for one round will be doubled. Any round where three heats and a final have not been completed cannot be used as a double score.

8 Points

Points will be awarded in Heats and Finals as below.

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

55 45 36 28 21 15 10 6 3 1

9 At any event if more than 48 cars are signed on in a class the top 16 cars after the three rounds of qualifying will compete in two semifinals with the first 4 cars in each going to the final. No points will be gained in the semi-finals. In the event that a meeting cannot run for three heats and a final, for whatever reason, priority will be given to running three heats only. If this is not possible an effort will be made to run two heats and a final. No semi-finals will be run at a curtailed meeting. If different classes have an unequal number of heats at a meeting no points from that meeting will count towards any overall Championships for any class. In the event of an event being abandoned before two sets of heats have been completed, those classes which have completed two heats will receive championship points as above. The event will be considered null and void for all other classes and, for those classes only; the number of races in the championship shall be reduced by four (i.e. a sixteen race championship with twelve races to count). In the event of this happening the overall championship shall also be contested over one round less. If a reduced number of cars come to the line in any class, to the extent that at least one less race could be run in that class, the organisers reserve the right to manually amend any pre-drawn race and grid permutations.

Competitors will need to pre-register for any event they wish to race at. If the number of pre-registrations results in the number of races necessary to complete the round is more than 270 then the third round of qualifying will be restricted to bring the number of races down to 270. This will be done by pro-rataring each class based on the number of grids in heat 2 for each class. Every class will be guaranteed at least one race in heat 3. No semi-finals will be run at a meeting restricted in such a way even if more than 48 cars are signed on in a class. Notification if the meeting is going to be restricted in this way will be given in advance of the meeting starting and maybe amended if pre-registered drivers do not race at the meeting.

10 The registration fee will be £50.00 per competitor. It will also be a requirement for all competitors to pay their gate fee on registering to race at a round. 50% of the gate fee for all five rounds will be taken with the Series registration fee. The other 50% will be taken on a meeting by meeting basis, in advance of the meeting, along with a completed entry form to the round..

11 Trophies will be supplied by The company and awarded as follows: Eight or more registered competitors in the class – trophies 1st to 4th; five to seven registered – trophies 1st to 3rd; three to four registered – trophies 1st and 2nd; up to two registered – 1st place trophy only. The above applies to Juniors and all Mens and Ladies Classes. There are additional trophies for the Mens and Ladies highest overall points score. All rounds will count for the overall trophy but no scores will be doubled up. Based on the number of registered competitors in the class, the following weightings will be given to the race points – 8 or more 100%, 5-7 80%, 3-4 60%, 1- 2 40%. There will also be a Young Guns Championship for drivers who are under the age of 21 on the 1st January of the year of the Series.

12 Registered championship contenders must display the British Autograss Series championship decals on each side of their car at all BAS events.

13 The host club is responsible for the running of each event, which shall be done in compliance with all NASA rules, but also in a format and manner agreed with The Company. The host club is responsible for providing trophies and awards for their round of the BAS.

14 The decision of the Chief Track Marshal is final with regards to any racing incidents. Any such decision will be made within 15 minutes of the race finishing. No consultation will be entered into after this time. Drivers are not permitted to view any video evidence being used by officials. A result will be taken on any race that is stopped after the race leader has taken the last lap flag.

15 There will be a penalty points system. A green flag will be a penalty of 3 points and a black flag a penalty of 6 points. A one meeting ban will be enforced if any competitor accumulates 15 or more points. If this total is reached at the last round of the Series the ban will carry forward to the first round of the following season.

16 By entering and registering for the BAS, a competitor agrees to be subject to an engine strip and full examination of their car if deemed appropriate by The Company. The manner & location of examination is at the discretion of The Company, but all relevant NASA rules will be complied with. If an irregularity is found the car and all drivers will be excluded from the current year’s BAS and all points up to the date of examination will be forfeited.

17 If a registered driver’s car is found to be illegal by any means other than the above procedure, the registered driver will be excluded from the current year’s BAS and all points will be forfeited.

18 If a car is deemed illegal by the NASA board of Directors at a NASA authorized meeting at any time during the season all BAS registered drivers of the car may lose all BAS points gained prior to the date of the infringement.

19 Where any class has an engine capacity limit, provision must be made for engine sealing by the Company. This is in addition to any sealing requirements from other parties. Any seals put on by the Company may only be removed with the express permission of one of the Company directors. Breach of this will result in disciplinary action.

20 The closing date for registrations is 14 days before Round 1. Registrations will reopen for a seven day period after Round 1. No further registrations will be accepted.

21 Drivers can register for no more than two classes each. Drivers may not register for any other series that runs on the same dates as BAS during any racing year.

22 The company reserves the right to amend any rules as necessary.


2023 Champions:

Mens OverallHarry RussellYD86
Ladies OverallJess ConwaySC1
J/SaloonsWil EvansTA7
J/SpecialsCory Mumford161F
Young GunsHarry RussellYD86

Class One Conner Griffiths TA16 / Maddy Tilson SN16

Class Two Craig Conway SC1 / Jess Conway SC1

Class Three Martin Gould NS343 / Becky Shaw BC111

Class Four Adam Henley Y777 / Claire Compton NS434

Class Five Charlie Holloway E9 / Nicola Jesse Y44

Class Six Andy Russell IK64 / Sophie Lewis TA36

Class Seven Andy Holtby SC61 / Julie Hawthorn-Fernihough R176

Class Eight Ash Howard PHD21 / Lindsay Mullen YD37

Class Nine Phil Cooper ARC5 / Clare Williams-Horner M62

Class Ten Lee Seagreaves ARC1 / Josie Tomkinson SC53

Stock Hatch Paul Harrington SL90 / Sophie Eggerton LUD47

 F600 Harry Russell YD86 / Donna Evans H16

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