Successful presentation evening ends a good season as we look to next year.

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795 (640x415)

A fantastic Mens and Ladies season brings success for Holtby and Dance.

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1461 (640x427)

Tommo takes the title at the final round.

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602 (640x414)

Mighty Manning


Close battles feature in both classes.

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1839 (640x399)

Class Acts


Gould and Simmonds-Grant are runaway winners in Class Three.

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2673 (640x349)

Corbett and Jones provide more sensational racing.

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275 (640x427)

Just rewards


Morris and Holden are worthy title recipients.

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1363 (640x414)

Maximum finish


Griffithsd and Carter end with a max to claim their titles.

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Want to see more of motorsport's best kept secret?

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1187 (640x348)

Aim higher


New high standards overshadow a decent York event.

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IMG_0171 (640x426)

The final act


York's final round to decide several thrilling battles.

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1146532_719088821501823_5141166637400221739_n (640x360)

The Series is soon to conclude, and so we celebrate.

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4007 (640x420)

Ups and Downs


Spectacular action at a bumpy fourth round.

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Round four goes to the fast, favourite Withington venue.

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IMG_3805 (640x399)

One of Grassing's greats prove their mettle with a super event.

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133 (640x426)

An excellent MAP Open signifies a potentially brilliant BAS round.

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1727 (640x427)

Solid event staged by the South Wales League.

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1176 (640x412)

Second chances


Last year's event was spoiled; this year we'll be treated to a cracker.

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1558 (640x282)

Pipe Dream


Joe Pipe challenges the champ.

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1657 (640x396)

Huge, high quality entry is topped by Thomas.

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2586 (640x375)

Head to heads are the feature of both finals.

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1713 (640x427)

Cooper does the double and takes 'ten too.

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1234 (640x296)

An exciting first lap opens the first final of the event, and the season.

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1510 (640x427)

Cooper took his tenth title in ten years in 2014; will this be his 11th?

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202 (640x426)

The reigning champions make their mark.

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2341 (640x427)

After an exciting opening lap, Ben Gadsby steals the win.

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153 (640x380)

Sam Gould get an almost perfect start to his title defense.

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2201 (640x367)

A weekend of sensational action ends with a twist.

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2447 (640x427)

Jones inherits the win as his sparring partner struggles.

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1390 (640x427)

Stroud produce a sensational event to challenge the rest.

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1569 (640x335)

Round one is about to be staged by the perfect hosts.

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Simon B (640x457)

Another brilliant total raised for charity.

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600 (640x378)

With lessons learned from last year, 2015 is shaping up to be brilliant.

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Time is running out to register for this year's Series!

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