For the second time in as many years we went across the water to Ireland and opened the Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts British Autograss Series with a bang. Once again the enthusiasm and committment of the Mallow Club was phenomenal. The track, one of the fastest and smoothest many have ever experienced, and its surroundings and facilities were spot on once again and the club went above and beyond what was called of them. This time the weather was on our side too meaning we were able the standard programme of two heats Saturday and a heat and a final on Sunday in good time. The finals were every bit as good as expected with only a couple of classes taking a number of attempts to reach their conclusion.

With just a five week gap inbetween rounds, Round Two is nearly upon us and drivers will be ready to take up where they left off. On 22nd & 23rd June we head to ta new venue but a very experienced host. The Stroud & District Autograss Club in partnership with the Wiltshire League will host Round Two at Gossington Bridge (just off thr A38), Bristol Road, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 5JA. As one of the sport’s most experienced clubs and leagues, Stroud are very well placed to take up the running from Round One where Mallow Club set the bar high, and we look forward to seeing what their new venue has in store.

For more information about Round Two you can download the Stroud & District app by using the link app.stroudautograss.co.uk or visit our facebook page where we will endeavour to keep you updated with all of the latest information and happenings in the British Series.

Registration remains open until midnight on Friday 14th June if you have not already registered and would now like to.


2023 Champions:

Mens OverallHarry RussellYD86
Ladies OverallJess ConwaySC1
J/SaloonsWil EvansTA7
J/SpecialsCory Mumford161F
Young GunsHarry RussellYD86

Class One Conner Griffiths TA16 / Maddy Tilson SN16

Class Two Craig Conway SC1 / Jess Conway SC1

Class Three Martin Gould NS343 / Becky Shaw BC111

Class Four Adam Henley Y777 / Claire Compton NS434

Class Five Charlie Holloway E9 / Nicola Jesse Y44

Class Six Andy Russell IK64 / Sophie Lewis TA36

Class Seven Andy Holtby SC61 / Julie Hawthorn-Fernihough R176

Class Eight Ash Howard PHD21 / Lindsay Mullen YD37

Class Nine Phil Cooper ARC5 / Clare Williams-Horner M62

Class Ten Lee Seagreaves ARC1 / Josie Tomkinson SC53

Stock Hatch Paul Harrington SL90 / Sophie Eggerton LUD47

 F600 Harry Russell YD86 / Donna Evans H16