Riding the Wave

06.08.14 364 (640x427) Great events heighten anticipation for another successful round.

Round four of the Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts British Autograss Series comes on the back of both a brilliant third round and a great National Championship event, and the high standard looks set to continue at South Wales.
At the time of writing, the much anticipated night meeting at the St Florence venue is only a few hours away, so many of the drivers and spectators will be present at the fourth round of the BAS  with heightened confidence and interest from a good time at the nationals, and from having raced/spectated at this special event. 
Because it's been such a contentious issue for some time, one of the lasting memories from Stroud is the way in which the video footage was utilised which resulted in great feedback from a number of drivers. There were also a huge number of generally positive comments both at and after the event which have left a great impression in hindsight. With the experienced South Wales league in control this weekend this could easily be an excellent event too.
Adam Jones is the chief marshal at the coming event and spent most of the second day at Stroud in the camera booth in preparation. Carl Smith was praised for his fair use of the equipment and treatment of, and respect for, the on-track marshals at Stroud, and you can expect the same kind of approach by Jones. It would be great to think that at the end of the meeting the air of positivity from the third round could be carried on, and continued fair usage of the camera system might convert a few more of the naysayers now its effectiveness has been proven.
The track at Red Roses is familiar to many already too, even in it's current guise; the circuit has been moved 180 degrees so the startline is now at the bottom of the hill. Those who have been racing for a number of years will remember this configuration back in 2010, but the racing surface itself is unchanged. Moving the startline of course means that the start straight has now become the back straight and so the track now runs considerably faster than last year.
Despite torrential rain on the Friday night of the Nationals weekend, many of us probably felt incredibly lucky that the heavy rain that was forecast for most of the first day never came. Unfortunately it's a similar forecast for both days of the coming weekend, but of course the weather may yet change in the next few days as it did for last weekend.
It's always good at any Welsh round to welcome the Irish competitors, many of whom put in a great performance at the nationals, and there were a couple of surprise performances over the weekend. It's always a pleasure at the fourth round each year to watch the winners as they continue their season as a newly crowned champion, and to follow the onward progress of the younger winners. 
With the exception of class two winner Aidan O'Neill, all of the champions are BAS regulars which is a great reflection of the level of competitiveness within the series, and to all of them we give our congratulations on their great performances.