The Climax

26.09.13 661 (640x426) Scunthorpe's final round promises to be a great event.

It feels like we will have a fitting end to the Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts British Autograss Series now that the final round will be going to Scunthorpe, after the cancellation of the meeting at Solway, with whom this meeting is run in conjunction.
That is not to say that the meeting at Severn Valley wouldn’t have served as an exciting season climax had the original round four not been cancelled, but the Scunthorpe club are never far away from being able to host a large meeting, and have staged some great events over the past few years, and the venue has gone from strength to strength since then.
We have said a number of times that this years series has been the best for a long time; the UK Autograss Championships have helped reduce the amount of entrants in the BAS - and have had themselves a successful series too - whilst still maintaining a large number of top names. It could be argued that the numbers have swung a little too far in the other direction at a few of the rounds- there is always scope to raise the level of entries, but that has not detracted in any way from the quality of the on-track action.
While it would be nice to have a few more grids of racing in a few of the classes, there are still just as many exciting situations to be resolved at the final round as in previous years; one supposes that over the next few years the series will grow once more into something even greater, whilst never again reaching those unmanageable heights that crippled a few of the meetings in the past. Of course, as has already been predicted, next season already promises something greater with each host and venue a known quantity. Based on this year there should some sensational racing, and on the strength of this season you can fully imagine there'll be real excitement and eagerness for the 2014 series to start, which is a great situation to have created once again.
The Scunthorpe venue is weatherproof to more of an extent than most, so if we do experience any more of the wet stuff, the meeting can continue largely unaffected. At the time of writing, the forecast is good however, which will create the best kind of lasting impression of this year's season over the winter months. 
The cancellation of round four led to the immediate decision for many to head in the opposite direction and race in the UK championship's meeting at Wessex, which was highly praised; here the gesture could well be reciprocated, with a number of drivers from that series racing in the final round of the BAS. There are already a few notable names entered, but it remains to be seen how big an event this will be. The final rounds are often down a little on numbers, but this would be a good chance for competitors to come and race together again at an excellent venue in great conditions, offering a great finale to what has been a superb season.
The racing format will return to normal for both days, with a change in running order as we had at Severn Valley if the forecast dictates. The Scunthorpe club's excellent Blyton venue has been further improved of late, with the addition of a grandstand on the outside of the first turn, though the spectator banking on the same corner offers an excellent view too. As most will know too, even in the worst conditions, the track will stay smooth and flat; though with a good forecast, and good weather in the run up to the event, a dry and dusty track along with dry outfields will be welcome after another season punctuated by some dismal conditions.