Solway goes to Scunny

23.08.13 992 (640x427) BAS reserve date to be used at Blyton

After the cancellation of round four, the final round of the British Autograss Series will now be held on the reserve date at Scunthorpe, in conjunction with Solway Autograss Club.
The amount of rain that fell prior to the event at Solway’s much lauded venue in Penrith, Cumbria, had partly waterlogged the track, and made the camping fields virtually unusable, and the club feel that insufficient time will have passed between now and the reserve date on September 28/29 for the standing water to disperse. The chance to visit a new venue in the series is always interesting and something a little bit special, and this would have been the furthest north for the BAS for many years. The Solway club has received extensive praise over the years for the quality of its facilities, but in Scunthorpe we have a well known, well-used and popular venue that can withstand the harshest weather, and working in conjunction with the Solway club, we can expect this to be a great event to finish the season.