Minispares Centre Ltd have requested that the following be published by British Series Ltd on their behalf:

"Minispares Centre Ltd as main sponsors of the 2012 British Series Class 1 Mens, Ladies and Juniors would like to clarify their decision for not honouring the winner's vouchers received at the BAS Presentations. The vouchers were printed by the British Series Ltd without the knowledge or authority of Minispares Centre Ltd; the first knowledge Minispares Centre Ltd had of the vouchers was when attempts were made to exchange the vouchers for goods; it was duly noted that there was no voucher code and the artwork was not the same as a genuine Minispares gift voucher. As a result of the British Series Ltd actions Minspares Centre Ltd have decided not to have any further sponsorship involvement. The British Series Ltd have accepted reponsibility for their actions and agreed to refund all winners."