Nature Calls.

26.03.13 1233 (640x427) Poor weather continues to affect the early season.

For the third weekend in a row, meetings are being cancelled due to the unseasonable weather conditions.
Hereford and York Autograss Clubs have already announced the cancellation of their two-day, and Easter Monday meetings respectively, following the effects of the recent rain and snow; this follows on from the quite unusual circumstance of all the scheduled fixtures over the past two weekends also having been cancelled due to the effects of the weather. If the forecast does not improve over the coming days, it is likely that the remaining fixtures will also be negatively affected by adverse conditions. The poor weather that blighted the 2012 season is still fresh in the memory, and the 2013 fixtures have thus far been affected to a greater extent; with a number of new machines still not fully set-up and tested, and some yet to be properly debuted, time is running out in which to suitably prepare for what promises to be another hugely competitive Series in most classes.
At the time of writing, the popular Down Autograss Club are still staging their two-day meeting, with single day events to be held at West Waterford, Scarborough, PAC and Leewood on Sunday, with the South Wales League being the only other meeting left running on the mainland on Monday. Any further cancellations will be communicated via the usual social media sites, but at a time when drivers should be looking forward at the least to a healthy level of club competition, most will simply be hoping this weekend that there will be a meeting left running at which to compete. Raceable conditions conducive to close competition, it seems, at the moment, may be somewhat unlikely. 

Main: Karl Mosley splashes through the waterlogged infield at the Men's Nationals. Above: Gareth Paines in conditions that typified the 2012 season.

Pictures: Dan Moffatt