Let's Celebrate

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Neither Yorkshire Dales Club or the drivers let us down in providing a fitting end to the 2017 Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts British Autograss Series. The Dales Club provided the track, and the excellent venue and facilities that we have come to expect of them and while we did get a little behind in the running order on Saturday, due to incidents, the pace was picked right back up on Sunday and racing completed in a timely manner with some fantastic Championship battles.

Our 2017 Champions (subject to post Series scrutineering) are:

Class 1
NS2 Josh Fowler - SC174 Ellie Bailey

Class 2
SR54 Lee Evason - R3 Missy Moseley

Class 3
NS334 Sam Gould - BC111 BEcky Shaw

Class 4
CM7 Huw Jones - PAC3 Alice Bevans

Class 5
YS32 Ben Reade - PAC2 Alice Bevans

Class 6
NS434 Ben Gould - CM47 Nicola Olsson

Class 7
C2 Craig Bagley - ARC27 Lisa Almond

Class 8
WR20 Ian Stephenson - ST74 Laura Makar

Class 9
SC4 John Whitehouse - Y6 Katie Addyman

Class 10
ARC9 Phil Cooper - TA99 Heidi Deeley

IK55 Bradley Thomas - SC393 Jake Lockwood

SC4 John Whitehouse - CM47 Nicola Olsson

Young Guns
IK55 Bradley Thomas


We now look to our end of year celebrations which take place on Saturday 11th November at The Telford Golf Resort & Spa Hotel. The meal will be served at 6pm.Tickets are now SOLD OUT and the venue is fully booked.