Back to the Borders

01.09.17 21105492_10159180779075366_2465059381995853409_n

It's safe to say that the 2017 Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts British Autograss Series has run from strength to strength. With a wonderful new host of Round One (Mallow Autograss Club) that set the bar extremely high, our very experienced hosts at South Wales were able to match this at Round Two and maintain the momentum of this strong series.

The hugely experienced Stroud and District Autograss Club didn't fail to live up to expectations at Round Three either, providing an outstanding venue, slick running, and a track every bit as good as it was for the 2016 National Championships. The Stroud team worked efficiently together, and it was only poor driving standards here and there that left the ladies second heats running a little later into Saturday than they would have liked. Inspite of this however,  Sunday moved at pace with 2 excellent semi-finals for Class Seven once again and for the first time this season also for Mens Class Eight.

With the Series running from strength to strength what can be done next? Well next we head to Border Counties Club and its hugely popular track near Leominster. After many well acclaimed Border Counties 3-day Bank Holiday events, the BAS took the series to this venue last year for Round Five and indeed it received high praise here too. Border Counties BAS 2016 was arguable one of the best Final Rounds we've ever had, a statement shared by many on social media following the event. The expectations held out for the Border Counties Club back then were met and exceeded with a superb track, superb organisation, superb facilities and some absolutely spectacular showdowns across the classes. The weather held up for them then, and with our new early September date for Round Four this year we'd like to think it would be kind to us this year too, time will tell. For many this could be the fourth time in a month that they will have visited this neck of the woods, but the turnout this coming weekend, 9th/10th September, is sure to signify just how popular the venue is and we expect special things.

For more information about Round Four please visit our facebook page and that of Border Counties Autograss Cub where we will endeavour to keep you updated with all of the latest information and happenings in the British Series.

Photo: Dek Traylor