Strength to Strength

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So we said in the run up to Round One of the Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts British Autograss Series that there couldn't be a better way to start the series than with an exciting new host and we were not wrong. We then suggested that with their huge track and experienced team, South Wales League were well placed to take up the running from Round One and we were not wrong. The bar was set high at Round One, and there's no doubt that Round Two met it.

For the first time in what seems like a long time at the picturesque Red Roses venue, we were blessed with beautiful weather from start to finish and with the event being opened by a tribute to the late Donal O'Brien emotions were high, the mood was good and tthe event kicked off with a positive vibe. As alwasy Emyr 'Oily' Evans was on the ball from the off, fully aware of the task that awaited him and how he would best fulfill it. He had what seemed like a huge team behind him that were full of experience and a thirst for success. Successful it was too; with fast a furious racing all round, efficient track management and timely recovery of vehicles. Praise be to the South Wales League for an excellent event, Of course, having signing-on and the trophy presentation taking place at the beer tent were not doubt a welcome addition too!

Now that Round One has set the bar high, Round Two has matched it, what can be done next? Well the Series moves from strength to strength as we now head to the hugely experienced Stroud and District Autograss Club who are well capable of living up to the success of it's predecessors in the 2017 Series. Not only the host of many a BAS Round before, the Stroud Club and it's League are established hosts of Nationals too, mosts recently the 2016 Mens and Ladies & Juniors Nationals which received huge praise and were suggested by many to have been one of the best Nationals yet. What has impressed us in the past by our hosts of Round Three is the way the team work so efficiently together, everybody has a job and a place to be and the marshalls are experienced and knowledgeable. On top of all this, like Mallow and South Wales before them, they are also blessed to have an exceptional venue always awash with the best facilities. The forecast is on our side and we look forward to seeing what Round Three has in store for the Series.

For more information about Round Three please visit our facebook page where we will endeavour to keep you updated with all of the latest information and happenings in the British Series.