The wait is nearly over

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We said in the run up to Round One of the Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts British Autograss Series that there couldn't be a better way to start the series than with an exciting new host. We were not wrong! We touched upon the enthusiasm and committment of the Mallow Club and this was evident throughout. From the preparation prior to the event, to the moment we entered the venue and for the entirity of the event, their dedication and enthusiasm was top notch. The track, one of the fastest and smoothest many have ever experienced, and its surroundings and facilities were spot on. There were many talking about their return trip to Mallow before even making it back home!

Of course it wouldnt be an autograss event without some rain and thats what we got during the night/early hours of Sunday. Due to the foresight of the organisers, the third heats were started on Saturday afternoon in anticipation of the rain that was forecast, and this allowed for a later start on Sunday. The track was barely affected by the rain, it remained grippy and after a couple of races was back to its best. The spectator area was on hard ground so also not affected by the weather, it was just the pits area that needed a little time to dry. Despite the rain the event ran in a timely manner, with minimal track work required and efficient recovery staff keeping things moving at a pace. The finals were every bit as good as expected with only a couple of classes taking a number of attempts to reach their conclusion.

After a long seven week gap, Round Two is nearly upon us and drivers will be ready to take up where they left off. On 17th & 18th June we head to the picturesque Red Roses venue of the South Wales League, at Castle Lloyd Farm near Pendine. As one of the sport’s most experienced Leagues, South Wales are also blessed with one of the fastest tracks in the country and are well placed to take up the running from Round One where Mallow Club set the bar high. We saw a promising start to the Series here last year and sincerely hope the weather can be kind to us and allow the drivers and hosts to shine as we know they can.

For more information about Round Two please visit our facebook page where we will endeavour to keep you updated with all of the latest information and happenings in the British Series.

Registration remains open until midnight on Friday 9th June if you have not already registered and would now like to.