The Final Countdown

15.09.16 13939408_10208973010675201_6151856266837470249_n_1 The heat is on as we enter the final Round of the 2016 Series.

The heat is quite literally on for the upcoming final round of the Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts 2016 British Autograss Series. The scorching September weather is set to cool off a little towards the weekend but the outlook is still bright and beautiful, and we expect the event to be the same.

Yorkshire Dales played host to an excellent Round Four of the Series in August where they managed the damp conditions of day one well and provided an impressive track and venue to be enjoyed even more so on day two. Their live band, Pure Silk, were a welcome addition to the beer tent on Saturday night and would be more than welcome back by the autograss community at future events. The only downer on the Round Four event was the huge amount of complaints and often disgraceful behaviour by some drivers and members. For the BAS committee and event hosts to dedicate so much time and effort into providing the best they can for the sport only to be constantly moaned at and abused is quite disheartening and will affect the future of the Series if things don't change. As a result, Round Five will operate under strictly NO complaints and this will be a prelude to what's in store for next season should the Series continue. Drivers would do well to take note of attitudes such as this one displayed on social media after Round Four by a younger, but perhaps more mature member of our sport:

"People need to stop being so negative about our sport and start to look at the positives. Perhaps if people stopped just jumping straight on facebook and complaining there wouldnt be such an ill feeling on the field. If you think something needs changing then get involved and look to help out. Decisions in racing are always subjective, any accident in any motorsport will see disagreement, there needs to be more acceptance that maybe you did do something wrong and come back ready to race again next time. I agree that consistency is key however the key to that is to allow the correct equipment to be used by the correct people. There is a lot right with the sport which people need to focus on more often."

The Border Counties team are just the right people to turn matters around this weekend, with their excellent tack and venue, and their experienced members, we know they can put on the show that is deserved for the Series Finale. Their 3 day festival at the end of August battled poor weather conditions at times but was applauded by all who attended and marked as an outstanding event. With the number of Titles still to be decided, many with multiple drivers in contention, we know that this event can be awesome and we have every faith that Border Counties are the team to do it. The Club have dedicated the Class Seven racing this weekend to their much loved and much missed member Gareth Thomas, a truly special man who was close to the heart of many an autograsser particulalry those of his home club Border Counties. You can guarantee that the Class Seven men and women will do him proud this weekend.

You can find more information about the event on our facebook page including a run-down on the titles challengers going into this final round of the Series.