The waiting is over for Round Two

17.06.16 13118840_1000609836683052_3148887838066675298_n So to Sunny Scunny we head for the Second Round.

We last visited the Scunthorpe Club for the opening round of the 2014 Series. On the strength of a great closing round in 2013 we anticipated few better ways to be starting the 2014 season than at Scunthorpe and the event didn't fail to meet expectations; with their usual sense of urgency keeping things moving at a decent rate and ongoing track management which kept the race surface in excellent order. There were some issues with dust at times but if we weren't complaining about dust it would likely be mud! The weather is one thing outside of the hosts control but the Blyton venue is particulalry well placed to deal with most conditions. The event is some way off in terms of forecasting the weather but so far the outlook looks promising.

So far in 2016 Scunthorpe have opened the race season with their Showdown meeting in February and run further meetings of excellent attendance since then. We know they're more than capable of hosting all 570 of the drivers now registered to BAS should they all turn up. A further fifteen drivers have added their names to entry lists since Round One.

After the early curtailment of Round One and a long eight  week break I think drivers are more than ready for Round Two. With classes only completing two or three heats at Round One we saw but a glimpse of the action open to us this series. Numerous drivers topped their class there as joint winners and we are keen to see who really is the best.

On the Friday evening of this round there will be a charity Football tournament with all money raised going to help Casey Jones. Once again Josie Tomkinson has organised all of this and is your point of contact if you have any questions. Twelve teams have signed up to play and as per the first tournament played last year in South Wales, this should be a great source of entertainment for those playing and spectating.

For more information about Round Two please visit our facebook page where we will endeavour to keep you updated with all of the latest information and happenings in the British Series.