26.09.15 motors-tv-channel-logo.jpg Want to see more of motorsport's best kept secret?

If you’ve just watched the coverage of round four of the Kent Cams/Simpson Race Exhausts British Autograss Series on MotorsTV, are unfamiliar with the sport and have come to this page wanting to find out more, then welcome!
We hope you enjoyed watching the racing as much as we feel privileged to be involved in what is often described as motorsport’s best kept secret.
Unfortunately the British Autograss Series has now finished – round five took place at York on September 19/20 – but if you’ve never been to an Autograss event and are keen to experience it first hand, then there are plenty of smaller, club events still to run before the season ends in November.
As Steve Langley mentioned on the show, Autograss is governed by the National Autograss Sport Association, whose website is invaluable for finding your nearest club if you want to get involved, and the latest fixtures if you’re keen to go along and watch.
If you’d like to fill in your knowledge of what happened in the BAS in 2015, then over the next few weeks on this site we will be bringing you class-by-class stories of how the season unfolded. There’s also lots of information on our Facebook page (here), on the NASA Facebook page (here) and on the NASA website too.
If you’d like to know more about Autograss then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help, and we hope to see you at an event soon!