Second chances

15.06.15 1176 (640x412) Last year's event was spoiled; this year we'll be treated to a cracker.

As one of the sport’s most experienced clubs, blessed with one of the fastest – if not the fastest – tracks in the country situated in a particularly beautiful part of Wales, it remains an incredible shame that we look back on their fourth round meeting last season with a tinge of disappointment.
However, there shall be no similar outcome this year. Where last year we were buffeted to the edge of balance and soaked to the limit of endurance (we were the only ones brave - daft - enough to keep taking photos in it); the outlook is good for the coming weekend. It may seem a little tedious starting with a weather forecast, but for a part of the world where the weather can be so changeable and can quickly affect the fluidity of an event, arguably the forecast matters here more than most other places.
We wrote last year that the club were denied their chance to fully deliver what would, without a doubt, have been a brilliant meeting. We have enjoyed a number of excellent events at Red Roses over many years and on different track configurations, but in this new era of the sport there’s the potential for this to be the club’s most polished BAS round to date.
It was clear that had their event continued with the same standard as we experienced for the majority of day one, it could have been the best meeting of the year, which is a big claim coming as it did after a brilliant event at Stroud.
Part of the success of meetings here is that they offer the whole package, and all of the accolades we have used to describe both Stroud events from last year and this should be in evidence this weekend. Add to this the spacious and exciting nature of the track which is a superb venue for spectators; the stunning setting that provides a great sense of occasion; the usual fairground and beer tent to enjoy; the beach not too far away, and the football match on Friday evening in aid of Junior’s Journey should all ensure that this will be an event long remembered for the right reasons, as would have been the case last year.
It’s important to remember as well that the excellent marshalling standards set by Carl Smith and his team last year – which were fully reiterated last month – should be continued this weekend too by what is another excellent  team, headed by Adam Jones in the camera room and Phil Olsson on track. Following on from Stroud again, they will get a second chance to prove their ability at the helm after their potential was unfulfilled last season.
As at Stroud, the efficiency of the team is widespread, with a hardworking group preparing the venue well in advance and ensuring its successful running throughout the weekend on all parts of the field. From the pictures posted on Facebook, the track looks in great shape and always holds up well to a full programme of racing.
In looking toward the year ahead we predicted that this could be one of the best seasons ever for the series, one which may require something extraordinarily special from an organiser to make their event stand out as the best of the year. But maybe that award isn’t particularly important. In achieving the consistently high quality that we confidently predict will be the case this year, each individual organiser should feel rightfully proud at the end of the season – proud for themselves, the series and the sport – that they played their part in creating a new standard by which subsequent seasons will be measured. 

Main: One of the leading South Walians, Phil Rogers will be on top form this weekend.